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My Craziest Production Fix Ever!

1 minute read

I used to work on a trading floor for the short term bond/repo desk some time ago at a small buy-side firm. My job was to create and maintain command-line an...

Using R in Jupyter

less than 1 minute read

Jupyter Notebooks will handle R well by following these steps. But, these steps don’t work with Jupyterlab.

Rebooting Blog and Moving to Github Pages

less than 1 minute read

I’m taking the plunge and finally finishing up moving this off of Dreamhost and onto Github pages. It’s been “staged” on github for a while now, finally all...

Words to Cut from Writing

less than 1 minute read

just, perhaps, maybe that I think/I believe All adverbs and most adjectives really, very, seriously, … Don’t use big “two dolla...

Stupid Error Messages

less than 1 minute read

``` C:> net stop cntlm The Cntlm Authentication Proxy service is not started.