The technical treadmill of software development

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The natural state of a Developer

How do I keep up with all of this? 70/20/10 rule

Short answer you don’t. There is too much to learn to try every great new framework or language. Trying to learn everything will leave you with little long lasting or useful knowledge as a software developer. So I have a a technique I personally try to follow and it may help you. I follow the 70/20/10 rule. You may have heard this rule from Google. The idea is you invest 70% of your time or resources into parts of the business that make money and continue improving on them. The next 20% is on investments that have a start and continue to get them off the ground. The last 10% is spent on completely new products or ideas. Now this idea is designed for businesses but is easily adaptable to improving ourselves as developers. After all we are investing in ourselves with our education.

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