Installing Synergy to share Windows and Linux

1 minute read

I haven’t used Synergy in…years, but it was mostly reliable when I did use it last.


  • HP 840 G1, 16GB i5, Windows 7 Enterprise as server
  • HP Compaq 8200 Elite SFF Linux, 16GB i7, Mint 18.3 Sylvia MATE 64-bit

Install on Windows

  • Start with a Windows server as the “Server” where the kbd/mouse will be used
  • To test it, download a version (1.8.8) from forked Synergy repo
  • Install msi file
  • App will launch, set it up as a server, don’t bother to install Bonjour
  • Create a map with the hostname of the new machine on the screen setup page
  • click “Start” button
  • Note ip address (e.g. ipconfig)

Install on Linux

  • run sudo apt-get install synergy
  • Launch synergy: synergy&
  • Select “Client” option
  • Enter Server’s IP address
  • Click “Start”

Once these steps are done, you should see handshaking between the servers in the console. When you get a connection message, the windows go away on both hosts.

Test that the mouse and keyboard work by hitting the edge of the screen, if so you’re done!


  • copy/paste between systems doesn’t seem to work, I haven’t tried to troubleshoot it
  • Error message in Linux window The program 'Synergy' uses the Apple Bonjour compatibility layer of Avahi., I haven’t tried to troubleshoot it
  • As noted above, bonjour not installed on windows. This will probably cause a problem with auto-discovery and auto-configuration. Entering IP address manually worked fine. Systems with a changing DHCP assignment may not work as well.