Connecting to MS SQL Server with NTLM on Linux

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A MS SQL Server instance can be configured to use NTLM authentication for connections so that it goes against Active Directory for authentication and authorization. There is a “Type 4” (pure Java) JDBC driver provided by Microsoft. When the server is configured for NTLM, however, there is a DLL that needs to be in the classpath (e.g. \windows\system32, which paradoxically holds 64-bit DLLs), sqljdbc_auth.dll.

Including a DLL is problematic when running Java on a non-Windows host. There is an open source library that can access MS SQL Server, Getting the URL correct is tricky because of the parameters that need to be supplied. The URL I found that works is: jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://<serverhost>;useNTLMv2=true;user=<userid>;databaseName=<definedDbName>;domain=<NTLM Domain>;instance=<"Other" database name>