The most unusual place you’ve written code

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This piece asks about the most unusual place you’ve written code. My most unusual place was in PowerPoint at FL280 and in a Lincoln.

Embraer Regional Jet I had an interview assignment for Axeda where I had to create program stubs to do mumble and create slides to support a presentation to devs, architects, and the CTO.

I was given about 24 hours notice that there was this assignment including time flying to the Foxboro office. The program was done the day before but I wasn’t happy with it nor the presentation, so with my netbook in hand (small Asus 1201N) I tweaked the code and redid my presentation on the plane flight and livery ride to the office. The presentation must have been good because I was there for three years. My trip was 14 hours door-to-door for about 4 hours of interviews because of a transfer each way to/from Logan, so I did have plenty of time for coding.